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Old School Karate has been wonderful for my five-year-old son. He looks forward to class every week. Sensei Bradley Ryan is professional and knowledgeable, and while he takes the lessons very seriously, his sense of humor keeps it fun and engaging. My son is learning about discipline, focus, and responsibility, and I can tell he's proud of what he has learned and accomplished.
Annie C.
My son loves karate class night with Old School Karate. He's learned a lot since joining Old School Karate. He also looks forward to the padded lightsaber class after his normal karate class. He's said on many occasions that he's super glad to have joined this class!
Terry S.
My daughter has attended old school Karate for 3 plus years. She enjoys it and can't wait for each class. Highly recommended and reasonable.
Dana F.
Sensei Bradley has been teaching my son for the last few years. His instruction, for the children, has been geared towards helping our children protect themselves. Which I love!
Sensei also added the Saber class. My son loves this class. People have often complimented him on his abilities with a saber.
I recommend Sensei Bradley for his knowledge of Karate and for the life lessons he makes sure to associate with it.
Tori M.


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