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Shorin Taikyoku Ken

THE place to train if you want authentic and original Karate.

Our lineage traces back to the ancient roots of Karate, originating in China (Southern Shaolin - 南少林), evolving in Okinawa (To De - 唐手), and flourishing in Japan (Karate - 空手). In a world where traditional values like courtesy, effort, patience, honesty, and self-control are scarce, we stand as a beacon of their unwavering practice. Our Kata-based style of Karate emphasizes real-world applications through the rigorous training of bunkai and pressure-testing. With over five decades of martial arts experience, we proudly offer the guidance of one of Colorado's most experienced instructors. Join us and embark on a journey of self-improvement, respect, and excellence in the authentic art of Karate.


I currently only teach Old School Karate privately.
Please contact me to arrange Private Lessons in the Denver area!


email: info@old-school-karate.com
call: 720-593-1968

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