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About Padded Saber Training

The Lost Techniques of the Je'daii

Long before the Jedi Knights, before there were lightsabers, there was the Je'daii!

Learn the fine art and discipline of real swordsmanship with padded Sci-Fi Battle Sabers. This includes attack lines, striking combinations, footwork patterns, and defensive applications.

The primary source of technical and tactical study of the padded saber system comes from Sensei Bradley Ryan and is based on over 40 years of training in unarmed and weapon arts. Sensei Ryan teaches both discipline and skill so that your padded saber experience will not be random flailing attacks and wild defense. All of the teachings are based on ancient martial arts practices in both European and Asian sword fighting techniques. Classes are conducted in a safe, controlled environment utilizing age appropriate techniques to instill logical thinking, health and fitness, memorization, and social skills. Classes include blocks, strikes, and basic techniques taught in a safe, fun manner.

We are in no way affiliated with George Lucas, Lucasfilm, Disney, Star Wars or the Star Wars Universe.


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